Fundraising Organizations

We partner with non-profit organizations to engage their networks with powerful smart energy solutions while raising funds to support their valuable work. By exploring smarter ways to power their homes, supporters score a triple win—for themselves, for the planet and for the organization.

When you partner with EnLight.Energy you get more than just a great fundraising opportunity, you join a network of support who will help drive your organization's mission forward.

When your organization enrolls as a partner, you’ll get everything you need to make the most out of EnLight.Energy's fundraising program. 

The fundraiser is simple: We will host an event at your place of choice to help educate homeowners in your network about ways to lower their gas and electric bills, and for every family that attends, we will make a $50 donation to your organization of choice- No purchase necessary.

Help your community explore smarter ways to power their homes and raise those much needed funds! Send us a message and one of our Fundraiser Managers will give you a call and answer all of your questions.