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EnLight.Energy can work closely with you to adopt solutions that drastically reduce your electric, gas or oil bill, renovate your home to eliminate those energy bills altogether, or if you are in the market, guide you in buying or building a Zero Energy Home.

When is the last time you inspected your home's energy management?


Is it possible that you are paying way too much to power your home? Learn more about home energy upgrade best practices. Whether you are invited to one of our community gatherings or a one on one presentation, we aim to first help homeowners learn the basics of home energy management and provide real value without a need for investment on your behalf.


If you would like, an EnLight. Energy Home Performance Consultant will come to your home at your convenience to discuss any potential problems or discomfort you’re experiencing in your home. We will then perform an energy audit to identify improvement opportunities with your insulation, attic ventilation, air conditioner performance, lighting, and any possible electricity waste that has been leading to you paying more to the utility company than you ought to.


We will map out a tailored and comprehensive plan to correct any inefficiencies we find in your home and explain the opportunities that would yield to the greatest impact. Unbiasedly helping you to simplify and understand all information necessary in order to easily navigate through all options.


After this transparent process, you will get to choose the solutions that are the best fit for you and your family. Whether you upgrade your entire home right away or simply choose to approach improvements one step at a time, our goal is to build a lifelong relationship and earn a place as your go-to energy advisors. Keeping you abreast of all of the latest technological advances and working towards drastically lowering and/or eliminating your power bill.


Choose a community in the developing world that you would like for us to support with a small $100 micro-loan on your behalf.


Have this in our attic. Thank God we did because it saved our house from burning down. Kept the fire contained to the ceiling area. It has helped a lot with the light & gas bills. My average was over $500.00. Now it is $290.00!

Veronica Lear,

After installing the MLI in our attic, our bill for the winter dropped over 30% compared to the previous winter. The install was clean, quick and friendly. We highly recommend this company.

Dennis & Karla Jackson,

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Free Sense Home Energy Monitor

See how much electricity you're using, what time your kids got home, or when a basement light comes on. Sense listens to every appliance to make your home more efficient, informed, and secure. Ask your EnLight.Energy Advisor how you can earn one and upgrade your home for free.



Buying a Zero Energy Home is smart investment — for your family, your comfort, your lifestyle, and your wallet. Sign up here to get on our Zero Energy Home waiting list and receive more information!

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