Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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More Ways to Save Money with Solar

When paired with generating your own solar electricity, reducing the amount of energy consumed by your home is the best way to save money as a smart homeowner.

The savings don’t end at the roof—they can be in your walls, attic, and even your exterior paint!

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Energy-Efficient Solutions

Lowering your bills means lowering your stress. From selecting the right option for you to installing your new energy-efficient upgrades (while maximizing your federal tax credits), Enlight.Energy is your partner in achieving lower bills than you ever thought possible.

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Enlight Energy Management System

By not only being smart with solar energy but smart with how it is dispersed around your home, you can get the most out of your solar panel installation and ensure like-new usage for years to come.

Solar Attic Fans

Better airflow means lower bills, all without consuming extra power! A fireproof build, limited lifetime warranty makes this an evergreen solution for savvy homeowners looking to make the most of their home savings.

Multi-Layer Insulation

This durable and efficient process means lower heating and cooling costs by regulating temperatures year-round. With installation times being as little as one day, you’re never far from long-term comfort and savings.

Roofing Options

Our innovative paint and roofing solutions are antimicrobial, sunlight-resistant, and proven to slow the transfer of radiant heat—even in tough Southern USA climates.

Solar HVAC Installation

With trusted installation partners across the USA, we are keeping families (and budgets) comfortable, 12 months a year. Solar upgrades to your HVAC cut down costs without cutting corners.

High Efficiency Water Heater

Water heaters are secret wallet-killers. By working with highly efficient brands to offset usage costs, you can save big while keeping your family warm, clean, and comfortable.

Electric Car Plug-In

Already made the switch to an electric car? Cut your costs (and emissions) even further by charging your vehicle with 100% natural solar energy—proudly supported by all major EV brands.

Solar Storage Solutions

Add the power of solar to your existing power generation through storage solutions by Tesla Powerwall, Enphase, and Generac, among others! More solar storage means more savings during times of light appliance use.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

By fully protecting your home from AC/DC conversions, you are better securing your safety and lifelong savings. An electrical panel upgrade could save you hundreds as you handle large currents around the home.

LED Lighting

High-performance lights with unbeatable costs and lifespans. At 50x the lifespan of incandescent bulbs and only a fraction of the operating costs, one choice today could save you thousands throughout your time in your home.

Attic Gate

Your attic hatch could be costing you more than you think. Now you can fix this problematic heat source with one simple installation! Expect a quality installation from our trained professionals and immediate savings with no upkeep costs.

Solar-Powered Pool Pumps

With a solar-powered pool pump, you’ll never again be paying for pumps to operate in your sleep. Our solar solutions are built to run cheap and built to last.

A 3-D model of a home with the front wall cut away. The home has two floors and an attic. A solar panel sits atop the slanted black roof.

Our experts have helped Americans nationwide to achieve energy independence. Is your home next? The savings could be right under your nose!

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Cost savings and independence are how you get your money’s worth when big utility companies try to keep you in the dark.

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