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Sense installs in your home's electrical panel and provides insight into your energy use and home activity through our free iOS/Android apps.

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What Is Home Energy Monitoring?

Watching out for problem appliances just makes sense. That’s why we use an intelligent iPhone/Android app paired with system monitoring called Sense to make sure your household costs stay low.

Track your lights, stove, or anything else from anywhere, at anytime.

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Beat Inflation & Save for the Future

With everyday costs rising, it’s no surprise that electricity is quickly shocking household budgets. That’s not a problem for utility companies—in fact, they prefer it that way.

Save for the future with Smart Home Energy Monitoring from EnLight.Energy.

Get Peace of Mind While You Mind Your Bills

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How EnLight.Energy Home Energy Monitoring Can Help You Save

Track Energy Use Over Time

Understand your monthly bills so you can start saving.

Set Device-Level Notifications 

Alert-enable your devices so you know when power is being drained.

Identify Sources of Energy Waste

Not sure where your energy waste is happening? Never wonder again.

Keep Tabs on Your Home

Is the oven on? Is the garage door open? You’ll be the first to know.

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Curious How Solar Can Transform Your Energy Bills?

Smart Home Energy Monitoring goes hand-in-hand with Solar Energy Installations to help you save.

Try our FREE calculator to stop lining energy company pockets and start lining your own!

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Solar Savings Testimonials

EnLight.Energy is helping these everyday Americans save—could you be next?

We have our solar panels up and running thanks to Gabi and the whole Enlight.energy team here in Gainesville. We are excited to be able save on money and the environment by doing our part. The team is easy to work with and has great knowledge of the local energy network. Great customer service from the time we set up our appointment to the solar panels installed and working. :)

Sarah Tabberah

When we decided to go solar,  we booked an appointment with 7 different companies.  As soon as we met Alex Black with EnLight.Energy, we canceled all the others.  Alex is very knowledgeable,  warm, and engaging . We just had our panels installed and we could not be happier with them. We highly recommend EnLight.Energy

Wendy Johnson

Decided to go with EnLight Energy. Alex and Chris were very professional yet relatable. They were attentive and took the time to actively listen to concerns. Even after installation they were still in contact; took the time to congratulate my HS graduate and even sent thank you card. I like that they were paying attention to details. Small things that make you feel appreciated as a customer.

Mika Williams