Solar Panels: Why and When Should You Clean It?


The topic of cleaning solar panels has been an ongoing debate, with different homeowners, installers, and manufacturers sharing their own opinions on whether the photovoltaic (PV) panels should be cleaned or not. For those who just had solar panels installed in their home, we try to answer this question and analyze the benefits of cleaning solar panels and how to clean them properly.

Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

The answer is yes and no. It’s been an established fact that solar panels tend to become dirty over time due to dust and dirt accumulating on the surface. This is an inevitability, but thankfully, so is rain. A little bit of rain shower is actually enough to wash away most of...

What happens to solar panels in a hurricane?

Hurricanes are nature's wildest storms, with winds whipping at up to 160 miles per hour or more. All that wind can blow down trees, destroy mobile homes, and throw debris around, causing significant problems.

But how do solar panels fare in a hurricane? Surprisingly well, it turns out. Solar panels are built to withstand the high wind speeds and impacts of hurricanes and other storms. Solar racking is securely attached to your rafters using long sturdy bolts.

Chances are you're visiting this page during another Atlantic hurricane season. Welcome! Read below to learn a bit about how solar panels hold up during severe weather events.

Solar is built strong

Solar panels are like any other product:...

Beneficios de usar Baterías con Solar

Texas produce más electricidad que cualquier otro estado, por lo que los tejanos se sorprendieron en febrero pasado cuando la tormenta invernal Uri cerró repentinamente la mayor parte de la red eléctrica del estado. Los productores de energía de Texas no habían climatizado adecuadamente las plantas de gas natural, las turbinas eólicas y otros sitios de producción de energía para soportar las temperaturas extremadamente frías. Muchos de ellos dejaron de funcionar, requiriendo apagones continuos en algunas áreas y dejando a otras sin electricidad durante días.

Pero el "gran congelamiento" de Texas fue solo el úl...

Benefits of Solar Storage

Texas produces more electricity than any other state, so Texans were stunned last February when Winter Storm Uri suddenly shut down most of the state’s power grid. Texas’ power producers had not adequately weatherized natural gas plants, wind turbines and other energy-production sites to withstand the bitterly cold temperatures. Many of them stopped working, requiring rolling blackouts in some areas and leaving others without power for days.

But Texas’ “big freeze” was just the latest widespread blackout to hit the United States. Wildfires, hurricanes, heatwaves and high winds have also caused rolling blackouts, or as many California residents and PG&E customers ...

The Benefits of Investing in Solar-Powered Attic Fans


When you think of solar energy, you likely picture shiny panels affixed to a roof. However, other forms of roof-top solar are just as viable, such as attic fans. These are small ventilation devices that run solely on solar energy. They’re primarily used to cool an attic during the sweltering summer months and protect the attic from condensation during the winter.

Although solar-powered attic fans aren’t as well-known as panels, they operate much more efficiently than standard attic fans, making them a viable alternative while being environmentally friendly. Here’s what you need to know about solar-powered attic fans and how they keep your home comfortable:

What is a Solar-Po...

Everything You Must Know about Building a Zero Energy Home


Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

If you are building a new home today, it pays to consider integrating zero energy principles in your design. Zero energy homes are future-proof, making them a sound investment for anyone serious about owning property. People think that this type of home is too expensive, but innovations in the field are closing the margin for mainstream buyers. Here are things you should know about zero energy builds.

Zero Energy Homes Have a Good ROI

According to the Zero Energy Project, building a zero energy ready home means thousands of dollars in energy savings for homes across the U.S. For example, assuming electricity costs will increase at a rate of two percent per...

Frequently asked questions about solar energy (FAQ)

Thanks to the interest that solar energy brings and all savings that solar energy generate, many people seek to expand their knowledge in a way in which they can be part of this new alternative energy. In this blog we leave you the answers to the most frequent questions that we are asked about this when wanting to be part of the EnLight Energy family.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels absorb solar energy generating a photovoltaic effect which translates into electrical energy that can be used, stored or even sold back to the grid for an extra credit!

How many solar panels do I need for my home?

There are several factors that affect the amount needed, however, at EnLight Energy we give you a...

Preguntas frecuentes sobre los paneles solares (FAQ's)

Gracias al interés que trae la energía solar y los ahorros que ésta genera, muchas personas buscan ampliar sus conocimientos de forma en la cual puedan formar parte de esta nueva de energía alternativa. La energía solar es aprovechada gracias a los paneles solares, en este blog te dejamos con las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes que nos plantean sobre este elemento al momento de querer formar parte de la familia de EnLight Energy.

¿Cómo funcionan los paneles solares?

Los paneles solares absorben la energía solar generando un efecto fotovoltaico la cual se traduce en energía eléctrica que puede ser utilizada, ...

Cómo funcionan las baterías de energía solar?

Las baterías complementan un sistema solar típico colocado en casas, que utiliza paneles solares para recolectar energía del sol y convertirla en energía eléctrica. Luego, un inversor convierte esa energía en el tipo correcto de corriente para alimentar una casa.

Mucha gente piensa que la mayoría de los hogares que funcionan con energía solar son independientes de la red eléctrica. En realidad, la mayoría trabaja en asociación con la empresa de servicios públicos local. Cuando los paneles solares producen más energía de la que necesita una casa, como en un día brillante y soleado, el exce...

How Does Solar Storage Work?

Storage helps complete a typical household solar system, which uses solar panels to collect energy from the sun and turn it into electrical energy. An inverter then turns that energy into the right kind of current to power a home.

Many people think that most solar-powered homes are independent of the electrical grid. Actually, the majority work in partnership with the local utility. When solar panels produce more energy than a home needs – as on a bright, sunny day – the excess electricity is fed back to the utility. Moreover, when the panels produce less – like on dark overcast days – a solar home pulls in the electricity it needs from the utility.

This arrangement g...

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