4 Myths & Misconceptions about Residential Solar Energy


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Solar energy has grown more popular in recent years. In fact, a recent poll reveals that many Americans overwhelmingly favor the use of renewable energy and want the US to transition to renewable energy sources.

Despite its popularity, there are still quite a few misconceptions and myths that disparage solar energy as a viable source of energy for residential spaces. But how much of this is grounded in facts and science? To help answer this question, we’ve put together a list of the four biggest myths and misconceptions about residential solar energy in hopes of shedding some light on this innovative energy resource.

1. Solar Energy is Expensive

One fact...

Modern Energy: Why Are Homeowners Switching to Solar Energy?


Photo by William Mead

Solar energy isn't a new concept in the market, or in history for that matter. Before its electrical application, sunlight has long been a versatile tool in technology and architecture. In fact, French physicist Edmond Becquerel found out photovoltaic cells' potential as an alternative energy source way back in 1839. However, that doesn't mean that the past few decades haven't brought the technology to new heights.

The right time to invest in solar energy

Environmentally friendly products and work practices are receiving the attention they needed now that was necessary several decades ago. Like how solar energy isn't a novel discovery, Earth’s continual deterior...

Why You Should Get A Battery-Powered Solar Panel System


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Many people want to have zero energy homes these days, to keep electricity costs down and as a way to become more eco-friendly. Solar panels are an effective way to decrease your energy bills while keeping your carbon footprint small. However, they don't typically store excess energy for later use, which means you have to do energy-intensive tasks in the morning.

You can work around this by adding a battery system to your home. Batteries let you maximize your solar energy and use it during cloudy days or outages. Meanwhile, others use it to disconnect entirely from the grid. If you are on the fence about buying solar-powered batteries for your home, here a...

Creating A Zero-Energy Home: 3 Elements To Invest In


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Climate change data is fluctuating daily, and experts postulate that we’re working on borrowed time. It’s getting hotter or colder depending on where you live, with seasons becoming difficult to forecast. To reverse this, people turn to only one solution. It’s all over the news, and quite frankly, the new and valuable trend—a green and sustainable life.

More and more people now gather information on how they can reduce their carbon footprint, in all imaginable ways. One of the most prominent solutions is a zero-energy home, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to own a million-dollar home to achieve it. Even tiny hom...

With GOP Support, Arizona Mandates Cleaner Energy

The falling costs of renewables has helped shift political winds around power generation

Solar energy panels for a well pump in Wilcox, Arizona. Credit: Bruce Gifford Getty Images

Bob Burns didn’t always love renewables. Shortly after he was elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2012, the conservative Republican voted to kill what remained of the state’s subsidy for rooftop solar installations.

But last week Burns managed something only a few blue-state climate hawks have pulled off: He helped pass a rule calling for the state to eliminate carbon emissions from its power grid by 2050.

In doing so, Arizona becomes only the seventh state to pass a law requiring its utiliti...

Liquid insulation: Do you need it in your Texas home?

Insulation can help to keep the heat inside your house during the winter and keep it out during the summer months. And this can help to reduce the energy bills in your Texas home. According to, you should be insulating on several levels of your home.

In the attic, you should insulate unfinished attic spaces, between the studs and knee walls, between studs and rafters, and ceilings with cold areas overhead.

Next, you should insulate exterior walls – and this includes those walls between the living spaces and storage areas, unheated garages, and shed roofs – in addition to foundation walls.

Floor insulation is also important, and unheated garage and central crawl spaces sh...

What is a zero energy home and how do you get one in Texas?

Zero energy homes (or net zero energy homes) are growing in popularity. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, they’re here to stay, according to Julio Daniel Hernadez, CEO of EnLight.Energy, which provides home energy monitoring, energy efficiency upgrades and solar power production.

“Cities worldwide are setting their clean energy goals and committing to becoming net-zero energy towns,” said Hernandez.


He says some countries (for example, Iceland, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Norway, Austria, Brazil, and Denmark) are at – or very close to – 100 percent renewable power. But this isn’t just a trend in other countries.

“Six cities in the U.S. – Asp...

Expert Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home in 2020


A new year means a fresh start, a time for change. While this mindset typically applies to self-improvement, it’s equally as important for your home. As the New Year begins, this is the perfect opportunity to explore how you can implement a more eco-conscious approach in and around the house.

There are many different things you can do – some big, some small – to start making a difference. Some are minor lifestyle adjustments while others are long-term investments that will ultimately save both money and valuable resources. To help you get started, we asked experts on eco-friendly living for their best tips for creating a greener and healthier home.

  1. Embrace green-certified ...

How to Avoid Homebuyer’s Remorse


As consumers, we sometimes display an unrealistic faith that the products we buy are safe, effective, and economical. Many of us trust that companies have our best interests at heart and that the government will protect us from harm. And it seems that the bigger the price tag, the more naive we can be. Housing is our biggest expense – whether renting or buying – and yet we drive our heads into the sand and blindly believe that it won’t hurt us physically or financially. If you’re buying a new home, don’t be tempted to purchase a home that you will later regret owning when you can find – or even demand – one with optimum energy efficiency, comfort, c...

How Long Can You Recover the Cost of Solar Panels?


The past few decades saw huge developments in the use of solar power. These grid panels can use solar energy and turn it into electricity. Many neighborhoods have at least one house with solar panels installed on the roof.

Someone may have passed by your house offering solar panels for your home. These solar company representatives can be found just about everywhere. You may not have explored the use of solar power for your home since you are not familiar with how the whole system works. You may have also thought it is expensive.

Many people feel the same way. They are not using solar energy simply because they are not sure how much they have to spend on it. They may also be wondering when the...

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