About EnLight.Energy

Three people stand together near a solar panel on the ground in front of a long white building. Trees surround the back of the building.

Dedicated to saving you money while saving the planet.

When you set up a company dedicated to fighting the rising costs of energy inflation, you better know what you’re doing. That’s why we started out with only the best brands, technicians, and strategies for helping Americans achieve energy independence.

For so many families, every dollar counts.

That’s why we designed each of our services to help you save money.

We’re not here to sell you on Solar.

We’re here to show you how much you can save for a brighter future.

Three people group together on the grass holding an Enlight.Energy sign that reads "High electric bills? Pay less by going solar."

From our early days as a small team in Texas, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality solar installation, monitoring, and cost-control solutions for smart homeowners. Energy companies hate us for all the same reasons you’ll love us: personal service, a keen eye for savings opportunities, and energy independence in a few simple steps. Local presence with national strength.

Today, EnLight.Energy proudly serves 31 states: 

Arizona - Arkansas - California - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - Missouri - Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - New York - North Carolina - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - South Carolina - Texas - Utah - Virginia - West Virginia

Want to learn what we can do for you to keep your home smart, low-cost, and valuable to future buyers? Your free consultation is waiting—we’d love to meet you.