Developing countries

Every home makes a difference.

When you upgrade the way you power your home, you're helping to build a cleaner, smarter future for your family and for the world.

Together we can do more.

There are 1.5 Billion people in the world without current access to any kind of electricity and many more who could benefit from cheaper, alternative ways to not only light their home, but also to cook their food and even take care of their animals and crops. 

We have partnered with strong organizations with a presence in developing communities in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Colombia among others and we would like to challenge you to join us!

Every time you refer a new customer not only will you receive the seasonal referral incentive you might qualify for, but you will also be able to choose a community in the developing world that you would like for us to support with a small $100 micro-loan on your behalf. In essence, becoming a small micro-loan provider in a developing nation without ever having to invest a dime. 

A growing network of companies are doing great work in developing communities around the world and with a little support from us, families can be empowered without feeling like they are taking a handout. What a cool way to promote smart energy both in your community and abroad! Lets #EnLightEarth