Why Go Solar in Pennsylvania?
Go Solar in the Cold

While many homeowners may be wondering how to go solar in a cold, snowy climate, solar is still a great investment in cold-weather states. Solar panels are incredibly efficient in cold weather!

Increase Your Energy Independence

With home solar + battery storage, you can store excess solar energy to use at a later time, even when the sun is down.

Home Solar Incentives

You may qualify for federal and state incentives.1

Add a Battery to Your Current Solar System

With a home solar + battery storage system, you can power your most needed lights and appliances during a power outage. 2


Beat the heat with affordable solar

Electric bill rising with the temperature? Take control of your energy costs! We offer flexible financing options on home solar systems and battery storage to meet your unique home energy needs.

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Pennsylvania Home Solar Incentives

If you own your home solar system, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit.1

You may also qualify for property tax exceptions and other state and local incentives.1 We recommend you speak with a qualified tax professional before going solar.


Enlight Energy Solar Offerings in Maryland

New Home Solar

New Home Solar

Lock in a low rate for 25 years with home solar panels.

Add-On Battery Storage

Add-On Battery Storage

Power your home with solar energy day and night, even when the grid is down, with our add-on solar battery storage.2

New Solar + Battery Storage

New Solar + Battery Storage

Our combination solar panel + battery storage offers predictable energy costs and backup energy during power outages.2

Home Solar + Roofing

Home Solar + Roofing

Now you can install a new, durable roof along with your state-of-the-art home solar system.

Enlight Energy Protect™ Service

System Monitoring & Diagnosis

Corrective Maintenance & Warranty

Hassle-Free Management of Repairs & Replacements

System Production Guarantee

 Battery Storage

Ask Us About Battery Storage

During a power outage, your home solar system will not work unless you have a battery!


Have the freedom to live life uninterrupted™ with Enlight SunSafe® home solar + battery storage.

A solar battery stores excess solar production for later use. The energy stored in your battery can help power your home at night, during times of low solar energy production, or even during a power outage.2

If the power goes out, a home solar-only system will automatically turn off. With a battery, your home solar + battery storage system can continue to generate solar energy, charge your battery, and power your most needed lights and appliances.2

With Enlight Energy, you get solar panels + battery storage installed together. Enjoy increased energy independence, predictable energy costs, and backup power during power outages.2


Already Have Solar? Add a Battery

We can also add battery storage to your existing home solar system with Enlight Energy +SunSafe battery storage system.


Enlight Energy +SunSafe

Manufacturer’s Warranty7 with Hassle-Free Management of Repairs and Replacements

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, Enlight coordinates all maintenance and repairs for all parts covered, to ensure your experience is hassle-free from start to finish.