What You Need to Know About Solar Panels and Property Value


Photo by Pixabay

As more and more people start to recognize the perks of solar panels, more properties are being integrated with the system. Many businesses have been elated about its use, but even residences are starting to install and utilize solar panels as a legitimate source of electrical energy.

Solar panel systems can be quite an investment for some, but it’s pretty worthwhile in many aspects for both eco-friendliness and finances. For one, the value of solar panels can affect a home’s property value. Here’s what you need to know:

Does a Solar Panel System Have Use on a Property?

Yes! Solar panels have been curated to be a sustainable energy source so that homeowners don’t have to solely rely on electrical companies. So long as there’s sunlight and you have a balanced electricity usage all around the property, living off of solar panels can be much more viable. Plus, utility bills won’t be much of a problem anymore either.

Having a solar panel system will not just help your property in terms of electrical production, but it can also support the solar energy industry when demand increases. Having a clean energy source that’s environment-friendly can be a great example to neighboring property owners about prioritizing the earth.

Does a Solar Panel System Increase Property Value?

Yes! Property value is usually calculated by assessing the home’s market value. A solar panel is one of the few kinds of commodities that are able to boost a property’s market value by 3-5% of its original price. This comes as more homebuyers have been found to gain interest in homes that already have solar panels installed.

However, there are some factors that can make a solar panel system’s effect on a property value fluctuate. It can depend a lot on the location and the quality of the solar panels. Property size and energy use can also affect just how valuable a solar panel system can be, as those elements dictate how usable it can be in the first place.

Can a Property Devalue a Solar Panel System?

Not necessarily. A solar panel system’s value usually stays the same, and it isn’t affected by the property’s value itself. However, a property can hinder the use and efficiency of solar panels depending on its placement. If you’re in a sunny state like Florida, where light and sunshine would never be a problem, the solar panel system would definitely be of use.

A household’s energy use can also be a big factor in how effective a solar panel system can be. If too much energy is used, it can rack up the energy bill and make homeowners question the viability of the solar panel system. The amount of sunlight converted into energy can’t afford the overconsumption of electricity. Balance is essential to utilize solar energy fully.


If your goal is to increase property value, getting a solar panel system can be a great way of doing so. Aside from the percentage increase, it can also bring clean energy to the current household’s occupants.

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