How to Insulate Hot Water Heater – Water Heater Blanket Installation


Step 1.

Affix foam spacers (included) starting near the top of the tank every 12" vertically to the bottom. Do the same horizontally. For electric water heaters only, attach remaining spacers to the top of the water heater.

Step 2.

• Measure height of water heater from bottom to top, this is the length.

• Measure the circumference on top of the spacers that you have attached, this is the width.

• Unroll water heater blanket on flat surface and mark the above measurements.

• Wrap water heater insulation (still uncut) around tank to ensure proper measurements and proper fit. If correct, cut insulation blanket. If incorrect repeat step 2.

• For gas water heaters do not allow water heater insulation to come within 2" of the floor to prevent blockage of combustion air flow to the burner.

• For electric water heaters add 1/2” to this to allow for insulation to cover the top spacers.

Step 3.

Wrap water heater blanket around tank and mark area for thermostat access covers, drain valve and pressure relief valve. Tape Seams. For Gas water heaters, be sure the water heater insulation does not block the venting or air inlets near the burner area at the bottom. Cut these areas out. For electric water heaters proceed to step 4 to finish installation. For gas water heaters seal around the top of the tank with tape provided.

Step 4.

For electric water heaters only!

Cut 2 semi-circles to cover the top of the tank. Put these two pieces on top of the tank and cut out opening for pipes. Tape the seams. Your installation is complete!


• Cut access door in insulation to allow viewing of safety warnings and operating instructions when needed.

• Mark these locations on the outside of the insulation and tape shut.

• Attach water heater manual to the outside of the insulation.

• Do not cover the temperature/pressure relief valve.

• Do not install water heater insulation on a leaking tank. If your tank leaks it needs to be replaced.

• Do not set thermostat above 130 f. This could cause the wiring to overheat.

• Some local codes, utility company regulations or manufacturers may prohibit water heater insulation. Please consult the applicable agencies or literature.

• Manufacturers may disclaim liability for problems associated with the use of water heater insulation.

If Installing Water Heater Insulation on Gas Water Heaters:

Do not apply water heater insulation to the top of a gas water heater. Take special care to make sure that insulation does not block or obstruct proper venting across the top of the heater and does not obstruct air flow into the burner area. Do not allow water heater insulation to come within 2" of the floor to prevent blockage of combustion air flow to the burner. Frequently inspect the placement of the water heater insulation to ensure it has not sagged to obstruct the combustion air flow.

If Installing Water Heater Insulation on Electric Water Heaters

Care must be taken to trim and remove insulation from areas near the power connection. Failure to do so could cause the control wiring to overheat and expose the wires, this could result in electric shock.

Electric water heaters often have two thermostats, one for the upper heating element and one for the lower heating element. These should be adjusted to the same level. Cut access door in insulation to allow access to the thermostat doors. Mark these locations on the outside of the insulation and tape shut.

Warning: Although yellowblue™ Eco Tech Insulation Products are all ASTM fire tested, it is recommended that they or any insulation material should not be exposed to open flame or other ignition sources of sufficient intensity during shipment, storage or installation.

Caution: Aluminum is an Electrical Conductor. Please use caution when working around electrical sources including overhead power lines

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