Modern Energy: Why Are Homeowners Switching to Solar Energy?


Photo by William Mead

Solar energy isn't a new concept in the market, or in history for that matter. Before its electrical application, sunlight has long been a versatile tool in technology and architecture. In fact, French physicist Edmond Becquerel found out photovoltaic cells' potential as an alternative energy source way back in 1839. However, that doesn't mean that the past few decades haven't brought the technology to new heights.

The right time to invest in solar energy

Environmentally friendly products and work practices are receiving the attention they needed now that was necessary several decades ago. Like how solar energy isn't a novel discovery, Earth’s continual deterioration is also not a new event. It's only in recent years that people across generations are listening and adapting to the call for greener practices, and solar energy is one of the many collaborative solutions that signify a shift to investing in a better future. Unfortunately, there are still people reluctant to try out solar energy for their homes.

In this article, we'll share three reasons you should make the shift to solar energy:

1. Solar Energy Helps to Reduce Your Electric Bills

Electricity is a major component in your utility bills, especially if you're running a commercial building. It also doesn't help that electricity prices are constantly increasing per year. With a solar energy system, you can set a fixed rate for your electricity and avoid the fluctuating electricity prices in the market.

2. Solar Panels Allow You to Earn Back Your ROI Faster

You must measure any functional home attachment on how well it can be an investment in the long-term. A recurring fear of many homeowners for solar energy is the high installation costs of a high-power solar energy system. Nevertheless, average American owners can pay off their purchasing expenses within eight years while simultaneously benefiting from lower utility bills.

Other than investing in environmentally friendly practices, you will also benefit from increasing your home's property value. Part of the reason HVAC systems and plumbing fixtures are major selling points for homeowners today are that they're usually energy-efficient attachments. The more modern your home is, the greater the chance home buyers will be willing to view your product listing. This is why your solar cell system is an excellent feature to highlight once you're ready to sell your home and cash in on your investment.

3. Solar Panel Systems Contribute to US Energy Independence

The market will always follow consumer trends where it's peaking, which is true for oil prices, bulk materials, and even energy. Investing in solar energy creates a cascading effect of affecting market interest on the pricing of global energies. By doing your part in installing a solar power system in your home or building, you bring the US one step closer toward energy independence free from the restrictions of big-name energy suppliers.

Besides driving energy prices, every purchase of solar systems in the local market generates interest for investors to sponsor solar-related jobs. Since outsourced workers cannot handle this energy, it essentially brings a new wave of potential employee pools for the US economy.


Many nations are advocating the use of alternative energy as a pledge to mitigate the effects of climate change on the environment. Switching from traditional energy sources is an advantage not just for your home but also for the well-being of the environment. Like any product in the market, it's necessary to invest in the right service providers for your home's solar panels.

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