Creating A Zero-Energy Home: 3 Elements To Invest In


Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

Climate change data is fluctuating daily, and experts postulate that we’re working on borrowed time. It’s getting hotter or colder depending on where you live, with seasons becoming difficult to forecast. To reverse this, people turn to only one solution. It’s all over the news, and quite frankly, the new and valuable trend—a green and sustainable life.

More and more people now gather information on how they can reduce their carbon footprint, in all imaginable ways. One of the most prominent solutions is a zero-energy home, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to own a million-dollar home to achieve it. Even tiny homes can now achieve a green lifestyle, thanks to the innovative creation of zero-energy homes.

It essentially pertains to a building that produces renewable energy to make up for the amount it consumes, throughout the year. It’s usually made from sustainably sourced materials, and powered by solar panels in place of utility bills.

Building one may seem a lot of work, but we’ve gathered the most essential elements you need to consider. Without further ado, here’s what a zero-energy home contains—and how you can transform yours into one:

Element #1: Make everything energy efficient

Energy efficiency is a rather obvious element, but one that requires reiteration. Zero-energy homes are designed to use as little energy as possible, which encompasses the heating and cooling capabilities of your equipment. Everything must be well-maintained and running efficiently, to prevent unnecessary use of energy.

This element also encompasses all the little details, such as design features. Opting for thick and airtight walls can be a good start, as with green windows, advanced insulation, and even well-maintained roofs. All these can affect the quality of air around the home, which then dictates how you make use of energy.

Element #2: Opt for reclaimed materials

Recycling is a textbook practice, and the practice of separating your bottles from biodegradable waste must be done at all costs. This practice can be taken one step further, however, and the most innovative minds are already putting it into practice.

You can make eco-bricks for your walls, for instance, done by compressing bits of plastic into a compact brick that will last more than the traditional cement ones. You can also make use of salvaged materials to decorate your home, such as recycled hardwood floors, or perhaps a century-old table spruced up.

Element #3: Constantly choosing renewable energy

A non-negotiable element of a zero-energy home is the ability to produce its own energy. And for this to happen, you need to invest in solar panels. Doing so allows you to harvest power, prompting you to finally forgo those utility bill costs.

You can generate more energy than you use throughout the year, making it the cleanest and most dependable form of energy. You can use it as you would electricity, from warming your showers, charging your laptop, and using your speakers.

Planning And Investing in Your Jacksonville Zero Energy Homes

Given the current state of the world, it’s only vital to start moving and making a change. As sustainable life is rewarding itself, even if there isn’t a planet to save. It’s simply easier to do, allowing you to live more comfortably in terms of costs and other means. If you wish to make the switch today, planning a zero energy home should begin today—the choice is yours!

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