Best Places in Your Home to Install Your Solar Panels


Are you planning to install some solar panels in your home but have no idea where to place them? The most common location is the roof, but that’s not the only place where you can have your panels installed.

Unsure where the best location is? Don’t worry; we are here to give you options regarding the best location to install your solar panels.

Let’s get to it!

Option #1: On Your Roof

Perhaps the first location that will come to mind would be your roof. No wonder because it’s one of the most common.

Solar panels can be installed on any roof within your property. They can be mounted on the roof of your garage or a detached building, like a shed. Those locations will make sense, especially if your home’s roof is not big enough to accommodate your solar panels or if the other structure has more direct exposure to the sun.

When installing solar panels on the roof, place them on the south-facing roofs as much as possible. Why? Because that is the most viable location for solar panel installations as they facilitate the most excellent energy output. You can still choose other facing locations; it’s just that south-facing roofs provide more energy efficiency compared to other directions.

Option #2: On the Ground

If you don’t have an ideal roof for solar panel installation, one great option you can choose is on the ground. The good thing about installing your solar panels on the ground is that you don’t have to face the hassle of climbing on top of your roof for their installation, maintenance, and repair.

Installing them on the ground can also provide you with better efficiency because there will be a space beneath them for proper airflow, keeping the panels cool. However, you may not like on-ground installations for your solar panels because they relatively take up space on your property. Unless you want to make your solar panels visible from the street, then this will be a perfect choice.

Option #3: On a South-Facing Wall

As mentioned, south-facing locations will provide the most excellent energy output for your solar panels. So, if you don’t have south-facing roofs, then you can go for south-facing walls. Installing solar panels on your south-facing wall will allow your panels to reach their full solar power potential, allowing them to store excess power in your battery and use it as a reserve.

It’s the perfect location if your home doesn’t require large amounts of energy to power and if your wall has no obstructions.


Where you should put your solar panels will solely depend on you and your home’s structure. However, you can always seek a professional’s help to know which location will work best for your solar panel. Remember, the right location is the one that can provide you with maximum power efficiency, so choose wisely and get the most use out of your solar panels.

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