A Guide to Maintaining Your Home Solar Power System


Photo by Jeremy Bezanger

Having a home solar power system in your home can be a great step towards making your residence much more eco-friendly. Lessening your reliance on electrical energy and opting for solar energy instead can last you years. Still, it all depends on the type of maintenance that you provide to your solar panel system.

Most solar panels have few needs, but they are susceptible to certain damage when you pay them no mind at all. Going the extra mile and putting effort into maintaining them will surely keep them in a much better condition for the long run.

Curious about how you can properly maintain your home solar power system? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do so:

Check the Attachments

When the panels of your home solar power system are installed, there are racking attachments that ensure the system’s proper penetration of the roof. Having the system mounted ensures that you’re getting as much sunlight and solar energy as possible stored away for use.

Check up on the structural integrity of these attachments every once in a while. Eye some of the bolts to ensure that they’re still fastened properly. You may want to take a look at the roof for any leaks as well, just to have it repaired and fully durable to support the solar power system.

Stay Alert for Dirt Build-Up

Dirt and dust can start to build up around and on the solar panels after quite a while. Although light rain can help in removing most of this, debris can still begin to pile up and potentially make the solar power system less effective than it typically would be. Watch out for lingering residue.

If you do catch any snow, leaves, or debris building up by the solar panel, consider rinsing this off yourself. Hose it all down to prevent buildup from occurring. Consider calling up your solar power system provider for any cleaning services they may offer.

Run Inspections After Severe Weather

In states where the weather conditions are a little more severe, you need to pay extra attention to your home solar power system a lot more. Wind and rainstorms may weaken the system or even break the panels if they’re strong enough to do so. Be sure to make a quick diagnosis.

It’s ideal to have proper insurance for your home solar power system, not only for the system’s appearance on your property but also for functionality’s sake. Have repairs executed and replacements done after an inspection.

Seek Out Recommendations

Another way to ensure that your home solar power system is properly maintained and up to par is to seek good recommendations. Each home and system may have different needs due to the change in the area, weather, structure, and more.

Getting professional assistance and advice about how your home solar power system should be like and what type of maintenance should be performed is ideal. You can rely on tailored solutions that are truly right for your property and personal needs.


Taking care of your panels and overall solar power system at home requires so much attention, so be on the lookout for damages that may have to be fixed or improved. By vigilantly maintaining the solar power system, find better quality and further solar energy use.

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