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A Smart Way to SaveLess

If you’ve been thinking about solar as a smart way to save thousands and protect yourself from inflation, then don’t delay making your next move. Between the federal tax credit and reduced monthly bills, there has never been a better time to make your home a smart one.

What your utility company doesn’t want you to know, is that your tax credit is based on when your panels are turned on. Act now to lock in the full 26% tax credit and ensure you get your big rebate next April—before the tax credit is reduced and eventually killed entirely.


Become Energy Independent Less

EnLight.Energy helped thousands of homeowners declare financial independence from their utility companies, allowing them to save thousands of dollars in the process. We can help you too.

From consultation to installation, we’re with you every step of the way so you always have someone you can trust on your journey to energy independence.



Have this in our attic. Thank God we did because it saved our house from burning down. Kept the fire contained to the ceiling area. It has helped a lot with the light & gas bills. My average was over $500.00. Now it is $290.00!

Veronica Lear

After installing the MLI in our attic, our bill for the winter dropped over 30% compared to the previous winter. The install was clean, quick and friendly. We highly recommend this company.

Dennis & Karla Jackson

I am thrilled to be producing my own efficient energy with my solar panels and saving my household money each and every month. Go clean, get Solar, Get Enlight Energy.

Daryl Sattler

Protect yourself against rising costs, needless paying for energy you don't own, and secure a FAIR PRICE for the energy you give back to the grid—all before Big Energy successfully lobbies the end of Net Metering for new solar owners.

Why is saving with solar considered “smart money?”

1) 25-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

2) Reduced Monthly Bills

3) Thousands Of Dollars In Tax Credit

4) No Money Out Of Pocket

5) Energy Independence

6) Increased Home Value

Your communities Choice for Solar Installations, Appraisals, and Retrofitting

America is entering a cost crisis, especially when it comes to the energy your family needs.

Rising household expenses are leaving homeowners uncertain about the future.

Worse still, Utility Companies and Big Energy are trying to kill Net Metering (the ability for homeowners to get fairly credited for the energy they produce and supply to the grid) for new solar customers.

With one free estimate, EnLight.Energy (a top USA Solar Installer) can give your family the tools and technology for a profitable future.

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Did you know:

  • The cost of electricity rises 4.4% every year
  • The average inflation rate over the last 30 years is 3.1%

What does that mean for your bottom line? And how much are you going to pay your utility company over your lifetime in your home? Find out now, the amount will shock you.


Imagine what that number would look like at today’s 8.4% inflation!

Take back control from your utility company.

Go solar and stop lining Big Energy’s pockets and start lining YOURS.

Our energy inflation calculator will show you how much you could be paying without Solar over time. Explore just how cost-effective energy independence can be when you work with a trusted USA solar installer to avoid runaway utility costs.

We do more than just solar installation!

Home Solar Power Systems

24/hr service that ensures your system is running as reliably for superior cost savings.

Intelligent Energy Monitoring

24/hr service that ensures your system is running as reliably for superior cost savings.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Lowering your monthly bills with energy-efficient upgrades that improve property value and household comfort.


Book your free consultation with
EnLight.Energy to lock in your savings TODAY!

Don’t miss out on the federal tax credit, reducing monthly bills, and protecting your wallet from inflation. 

Saving with solar is Smart Money. Big savings, energy independence, and a more secure future for you and your family is a click away.


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