Solar System Purchase

What if you didn't get an electric bill at the end of the month?

For years you've paid your electric bill without giving it second thought. You just have to right? You have to paid the increasing cost, you have to pay extra without rhyme or reason for all types of fees from the utility company ...or do you?

Owning a solar energy system is like owning your house, or your car. You can rent, but why would you if you are able to finance it, pay around the same as it would cost to rent it, and when you are done, own a power producing assett?! Not to mention not having to pay for an electric utility bill!

How It Works


At a time that suits you, a consultation with one of our solar experts will give you all the information you need to weigh your solar options. We do this with you in person, over the phone, or online. We’ll design your residential solar panel system, provide an accurate quote, and explain your financial options, including local rebates or other incentives.


When you work with EnLight.Energy, we take care of the planning, paperwork, solar panel installation, applicable rebates, and any hurdle that might come up. All we want you to do is relax and imagine your life powered by solar.


Monitor your solar production with our mobile app anywhere, anytime. Share your experience with friends and earn a referral bonus* for sending them our way. Most importantly, enjoy peace of mind that the system will perform as we promised—guaranteed.

*If you would like you can also use referral bonus as micro-loan for family in a developing country

I like it but how would I pay for it?

Years of savings can start with little to no costs up front. And now that home solar costs less than traditional power in many communities , our financing partners offer options perfect for every budget.

Outright Purchase

Own the system and the energy! The simplest path to the most solar savings is to purchase it and just pay for it. If you you have the resources its one of the best long term ways to invest your cash. A home equity loan can also be used and may be tax deductible. Over time, your system will pay for itself with savings on your utility bills.

Finance Option

Use a finance option. Over time, you repay the loan amount on a monthly basis. For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and remaining power bill less their previous electric bill. You keep the solar tax credits and any state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.


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