Solar Power Production

Thinking about going solar?

You’re in good company!

EnLight.Energy takes full-service solar to new heights with a brilliant, whole-home energy solution that preserves your family’s comfort while minimizing your energy use.

Why Should You Go Solar?

Stop worrying about your utility costs and start saving with the sun.

You switched all the light bulbs over to CFLs and started running the wash on cold, and only at off-peak hours, but it still isn’t enough. You know there’s more you could do but something’s holding you back. Maybe you feel like it’s too expensive, or too much of hassle. But really, it isn’t at all.

Your already-inflated electricity rate is continuing to climb while the cost of solar has dropped by more than half since 2007 alone. Here are some more great reasons why there has never been a better time to go solar and save big:

  • Solar power makes up three-quarters of new U.S. electricity generation, and more than half a million U.S. homes and businesses have now gone solar.**
  • You can lock in surprisingly low electricity rates by going solar with a Power Purchase Agreement. And we lock in those rates for 20 years. Then the next time utility rates rise, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. If you have the tax liability, it might also make sense for you to buy the panels outright. We can guide you to figure out what's best for you!
  • Your neighbors are already saving. Did you know that Americans are installing new solar panels every 3 minutes? They know that solar electricity is clean, renewable and easy on the wallet.
  • In partnership with some of the top solar companies in the nation, we take care of everything. We design, install, and maintain your system the entire time. You get a worry-free system – while typically enjoying 20% savings or more on your electric bill.
  • It’s a nice thing to do for the environment. You can help create a planet run by beautifully clean energy from the sun.




At the core of your plan is a custom-designed system that harnesses the sun to meet your home’s energy needs today and tomorrow.




 Expect practical, personalized insights to help you save energy and money with easy-to-read monthly updates. We can guide you.




Let the latest technology amplify your potential savings and comfort. A smart thermostat is included with your EnLight.Energy plan.




In a growing number of markets, take advantage of a low energy rate before your solar system is even installed.



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