Indoor Solar Lights

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Solar Powered Indoor Lights

The World’s Most Advanced, Indoor Solar Powered Lights

eSun – Solar Powered Natural Light Fixture provides the benefits of solar powered, full spectrum, natural sunlight. Independent Authorized Dealers of yellowblue Eco Tech can install eSun in any location!

Features & Benefits of Solar Lights for Indoor Use

Quality Parts


The Opto Semiconductors used in the eSun are better than basic LEDs with a brighter output & longer life span.

Free to Operate!


eSun is completely powered by the sun and qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Built to last for years, our indoor solar lights come equipped with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Easy Installation


Installation is not inhibited by the structure of a building, and no giant holes in your roof. Installs anywhere!

Unlike traditional tubular skylights, there are no limitations with our solar powered indoor light. yellowblue independent authorized dealers install the solar panel on your roof, run the interconnect cable through the attic or wall, and install your eSun just like any other light fixture. It’s that simple!

eSun by will simulate the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates. The difference is that eSun comes without the costly installation, and does not require cutting large holes in your roof or ceiling. You will also be able to experience the sun up, sun down and cloud movement inside, just as you would experience with a skylight. eSun is truly a green product, and is 100% free to operate!

Full Spectrum Lighting in Full Effect

The eSun LED light fixture can improve the appearance of your home by displaying colors clear and true to their nature – all while using less energy. These LEDs produce the highest color rendering, brighter output & longer life span than basic LEDs. Your home will benefit from this full spectrum lighting.

The Best Indoor Solar Powered Lights


Behind the eSun’s acrylic diffuser are individual Opto Semiconductors, designed with the highest quality and latest technology. Better known as light emitting diodes (LEDs), only a few millimeters in length, converts electrical energy directly into light.

The sun’s energy is collected from multicrystalline solar panels, and then converted into safe low-voltage, high performing simulated daylight.

The diffuser is made of modified acrylic and masterfully hides the Opto Semiconductors to give a smooth appearance. Provides simulated natural healthy sunlight that makes bright, happy spaces with the same full spectrum light as sunlight.


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